Tips on Pencil Portrait Drawing - Preparing the Photograph

Regardless of whether your pencil drawing ends up being a perfect work of art depends to a high degree on the sort and nature of your illustration instruments. 

This is valid for any art. In this article, I will show a diagram of the devices the expert pencil craftsman utilizes when drawingpencil drawing.

What do you have to draw pencil drawing? The absolute minimum, obviously, is a pencil and a bit of paper. Requiring barely any hardware is at the same time an or more and a test. Attracting is to expressions of the human experience what boxing is to sports. 

The less devices you have the more gifted you should be to emerge. In this manner, it is especially critical that, as a pencil craftsman, you utilize the correct instruments as well as the correct quality devices. 

Beneath, I introduce pretty much every bit of drawing hardware you will ever require. Concentrate the rundown and after that drawing and pick contingent upon your style and desire:


Drawing pencils, all in all, come in degrees of non-abrasiveness and hardness: 9H, 8H, ..., 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, ..., 8B, 9B where 9H is the hardest and 9B is the mildest. 

The F pencil is the odd duck in the line yet yields genuinely fine and delicate lines and is regularly used to draw hair. The HB pencil isolates the hard H pencils from the milder B pencils.

To begin with, you may attempt 2H (hard), HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B (delicate) pencils. Afterward, you can simply modify your decisions relying upon your style and procedure.


Experiment with various distinctively finished papers. For representations, I lean toward a 2-handle Bristol, corrosive free, heavyweight, smooth surface. Yet, your decision ought to be managed by your own style or just by regardless of whether you appreciate a specific paper surface.

Drawing Board

A 1/4 inch tempered Masonite or Plexiglas leading body of no less than 16 x 20 inches will do.

Clips or Masking Tape

You utilize these to settle the paper on your planning phase and prove to be useful in a wide range of different circumstances. I utilize a great deal of them.


This stick is utilized to enduring your hand and to abstain from smearing of your work (Figure 1.).


A work area sweeper is utilized to infrequently get over flotsam and jetsam your work. This likewise keeps away from smears and spare time since you need to delete less (Figure 2.).

Sheet of Bond Paper

You put this sheet under your illustration hand, again to abstain from smearing your illustration while you are working.

Pencil Sharpener

You will require a strong little one for the street and a modern quality electric one for your studio.

Workable Fixative

This is a splash used to settle the completed representation. This ensures the illustration and makes it alright for future smirching (Figure 3.).


You require two sorts: 1. A vinyl one and; 2. a plied one. A vinyl eraser is the standard hard rectangular kind. A worked eraser is the dark kind that demonstrations like putty (Figure 4.).


A consistent 12 inch metal ruler will do. Ensure you can without much of a stretch read the divisions on the ruler.

Blending Tortillons

These are winding injury cones of paper used to mix a darker district into a lighter one (Figure 5.).

Paper Tissue

You utilize tissue paper as another mixing apparatus.

That is about it. As you hone (yes, rehearse), you should experiment with a portion of the above devices and check whether they fit with your method of drawing

Be adaptable however endeavor to work towards a last style of pencil drawing attracting that feels good to you and includes a subset of the previously mentioned instruments utilized as a part of a honed and practically oblivious way.

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